Keep your business operations running by automating data backups so you have complete peace of mind about their status.

Stay protected in all scenarios
Back up your data any way you prefer

Earthquakes, data theft, viruses, ransomware, floods, or not being able to access your offices. Whatever the disaster scenario may be, having your data backed up off-site will allow you to continue working. Do it with MCM Data Protect.

Mantén un respaldo de tu información
Estrategia para respaldar información

Virtual machine exploration or granular restore
Choose the strategy that best suits your needs

MCM Data Protect allows you to configure the way you want to back up your data: via virtual machine or with a granular restore. Our experts offer guidance on back up strategies, but you decide what data to back up, when, and how.

Simplified tasks without manual processes
Automate your backups

Forget about manual backup processes that use magnetic tapes. With MCM Data Protect you configure your backups from a central dashboard. This way your backups will happen automatically, freeing up time so you can focus on other tasks.

Automatiza la ejecución de tus respaldos
Estatus de tus respaldos

Find out about your backup status
MCM Data Protect comes with proactive fault monitoring

We carry out proactive fault monitoring so you can be reassured that your backups work. This way you will know if something goes wrong during the backup process, and you can take immediate action to ensure that your backups are functional if disaster strikes.

If you want to have a much more robust data protection strategy, MCM Data Protect also offers you recovery and replication

Bulletproof your business continuity. Start protecting your data today with MCM Data Protect