Get back to action in minutes instead of hours with a data recovery strategy and a dedicated connection of up to 1 Gb for recovery tasks.

Back online in minutes
Recover your data and continue operating

Every minute your business stops operating costs it money, clients, reputation, and even the health of your employees. Get back to action fast and protect your business from these consequences. And when we say fast, we mean in minutes.

Recupera tu información y continúa operando
Recupera tu información con un enlace dedicado

Don’t rely on your Internet to recover your data
Dedicated connection of up to 1 GB

You may feel reassured if you run cloud-based backups, but do you know how long it would take to recover them using your standard Internet connection? It could take days or even weeks. Your business cannot wait that long, and that’s why MCM Data Protect gives you a dedicated connection of up to 1 Gb to ensure the recovery process is fast.

We back you up if you can’t return to the office
Let your users work wherever they are

In the event that your offices are affected by an external factor and you are not able to return to them, we offer you a connection that will allow up to 500 users to work wherever they might be. This will ensure your business continues to operate as usual, or at least in the most critical areas, using the data they had in the office.

Trabaja seguro remotamente
Replicación de información con MCM Data Protect

Data replication for a more comprehensive strategy
MCM Data Protect facilitates a robust strategy

With MCM Data Protect you can count on a disaster recovery strategy that is as robust as you need it to be. In addition to backup and recovery, our solution also includes replication.

Delivered under a high-availability strategy but outside of your main site, replication allows you to restart your business operations in minutes. It also includes an Internet connection of up to 1 Gbps to ensure that bandwidth isn’t an issue and you can continue working, should you face

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If you want to have a much more robust data protection strategy, MCM Data Protect also offers you backup.

Bulletproof your business continuity. Start protecting your data today with MCM Data Protect