MCM Cloud Firewall

MCM Cloud Firewall delivers all the benefits of a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), but is cloud-based, easy to manage, with high-availability and quick implementation.

Your security in the hands of experts
Leave security management to us and focus on your business

If you’re looking to delegate security and access control, MCM Cloud Firewall allows you to entrust your organization’s security to an expert, simplifying its management. Unlike solutions that feature physical devices installed in the office, our service reduces activation time and maximizes availability because it is cloud-based.

Tu seguridad en manos de expertos

A solution in a private cloud
Not just any cloud, it’s the MCM Cloud

MCM Cloud Firewall is a solution hosted in a private cloud that does not require physical devices. This brings many benefits to your organization, such as:

All UTM functions

Your business has a unique way of operating, which requires a tailor-made solution.

Zero-touch implementation

There is no need to visit your offices to install equipment. Implementation is carried out from start to finish remotely by our experts.


If your business grows, the service can instantly grow with you. Because it’s cloud-based, it gives you more freedom than you would ever have if you relied on physical devices.

High availability

Get the highest possible service availability. Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are well protected against external threats.

Without obsolescence, without limitations, without delays
Forget about the inconveniences of a physical device

With MCM Cloud Firewall, you can forget about the problems involved in having a firewall using physical devices in your offices. On the contrary, you will obtain limitless performance, immediate remote maintenance without needing to wait for a technician visit, Global State Policy, software updates without needing to arrange visits, and uninterrupted growth.

Mantenimiento remoto inmediato

All the features you’re looking for, and more
Protection for your business from day one

All the features you are looking for. It gives you all the security features you seek, with the advantages of a private cloud.

Web Filtering

Filter by bandwidth consumption, general interest, risk, or website category.

Users or IPs

Filter by user or IP address to determine those who are granted access and for what purpose.

App Control

Allow or block actions by device type and app, either fully or partially, and by category.


Create secure tunneling for your users so they can access information on your premises.


Detects the majority of virus threats using centralized management.


Optimize consumption by determining how much bandwidth must be allocated to designated addresses.


Filter the URL addresses that your associates can access. Configure black and white lists.


Detect and eliminate the spam that your users are exposed to.

Discover the benefits of moving your security to the cloud

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