With MCM Data Center safeguard your information

Your offices aren’t the most secure place to keep servers and data. For better protection, move them to a fortress. Move them to MCM Data Center.

Your data in the most secure location
Access your data as if you were in the office

MCM Data Center is backed up by MCM’s exceptional quality and infrastructure. It’s a great solution if you require a safe location that implements all the highest security protocols and that offers connectivity and the optimal environmental conditions to keep your data protected.

MCM Data Center helps you centralize your resources so you can invest time, money, and physical space in your business. Leave Data Center set up, maintenance, and operations to the experts.

Centro de datos respaldado por la infraestructura de MCM
Interconexión de manera neutral

A neutral way to stay interconnected
Connect with anyone you want

Keeping your data in our Data Center ensures that it is backed up by the best infrastructure and telecommunications network in Mexico. We’re responsible for managing this network, which is why we can guarantee an optimized connection of the highest quality.

In addition, when you keep your data in MCM Telecom’s Data Center, you get added value since you can connect with anyone you want. Very few Data Centers in Mexico are able to offer this advantage.

Leave it in the hands of experts
24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year

Keeping your Data Center in your offices incurs significant hidden costs and results in wasted resources caused by maintenance, administration, and updates. This translates into additional business expenses.

With MCM Data Center you won’t only be able to forget about those expenses. You will also enjoy ongoing monitoring, the best site conditions, and the certainty of knowing that your data is in one of the best Data Centers. Moreover, our Data Center is certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.

Centro de datos certificado a través del ISO7IEC 27001:2013

The best conditions for your data
MCM Data Center looks after your most important assets

Ideal conditions

Backup power with constant moisture and temperature control. Anti-static server cabinets and racks.

Guaranteed connectivity

Backed up by our extensive fiber optic network.


Controlled access with video surveillance and monitoring 24/7.


Data security certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.


Flexible plans built around your needs.


We take care of maintenance and continuous improvements so you can focus on your core business.

Take your data to a more secure location

Book an appointment today and discover the benefits of migrating your servers to the MCM Data Center.