Local and National VPL Links

If you have local or national branch offices and need to keep them interconnected, MCM VPL is the solution you need. Enable your devices so they can work as if they were in the same office and knowing for a fact that your data stays protected.

Keep your data secure and your branch offices connected
Use a Layer 2 Ethernet link

By using Layer 2 links, your branch office networks will stay connected in a transparent way. This means that it won’t be necessary to share data over public networks. It consists of a simple, secure, and high-availability connection.

Información segura y equipos unidos
Solución enlace VPL

VPL vs. other options
The most practical solution for businesses

There is a wide range of private connections that offer higher response times, higher costs, or that are underutilized. VPL is the solution for everyone who requires balance between costs and performance.

Flexibility and VLANs
The most convenient solution to connect branch offices

VPL gives you excellent flexibility so you can use your connection any way you want while bringing all your branch offices together.
Moreover, this service is delivered at a higher-than-advertised capacity to provide higher bandwidth, should your requirements change in the future.

VPL con flexibilidad para unir equipos
Administración de redes de alta complejidad

More than 20 years managing highly complex networks
Mexico’s first MEF-certified provider

We are pioneers in our market. We have been managing highly complex networks for more than 20 years and we were the first Mexican provider to obtain an MEF certification. Our MEF-certified links include: E-LINE EPL and EVPL.
We don’t just connect you at local or national level, with VPL DAL+ we take you to Dallas with a Layer 2 link.

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