Connect your offices with MCM VPL Links

If you have branch offices, you need to keep them interconnected. MCM VPL is a solution that allows you to connect offices and work as if they were in a single location. It consists of a private and dedicated layer 2 circuit that keeps your data encrypted to offer greater security and continuity for your business. MCM VPL connects your branch offices to ensure you enjoy peace of mind.

You handle sensitive traffic: MCM VPL
Private and secure connections to connect branches

Connect your branches with your headquarters or between themselves without exposing sensitive data. Unlike the shared Internet, a layer 2 connection is stable, profitable, and private, and will give you greater peace of mind as well as control over how your data travels.

MCM VPL Enlaces privados
Conexión remota para tus usuarios

Ethernet Plug & Play
Makes it simple for your users

Connect your remote users as if they were in the same office in an easy and uncomplicated way. With MCM VPL, we route all your VLANs to support your operations. Run your business without excuses, adjust and control your network as needed, and use it any way you want without needing to worry about compromising performance or security.

Performance, profitability, and greater flexibility
The most convenient option to connect branch offices

  • Because it’s a private connection, your data will never be exposed on the Internet
  • The connection is always available at the agreed capacity
  • Business continuity with a 50ms switch time
  • Adjust and control your network according to your needs
  • Expand your LAN without compromising performance or security
  • Great cost-benefi ratio

Local, national, and international connections
Connect with Dallas, Texas, at the same price

Con VPL Local and National your locations will work together as one, with no borders between them. You will be able to connect branches at local, national, or even international level while ensuring you get the security and performance that your business needs.
With VPL DAL+VPL International you will have a layer 2 connection with Equinix Dallas, just like you are connected to any of your branches. This will allow you to connect to some of the most important players in different industries.

Enlaces locales, nacionales e internacionales

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