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To run their operations, modern businesses are increasingly reliant on cloud-based services. This is why we created a service to connect you to the main cloud-based services used by Mexican companies. A cloud connection that will allow you to work better and take full advantage of your investment.

A dedicated cloud connection
MCM Telecom in partnership with Equinix

We have developed a partnership with Equinix in order to offer connectivity between your offices or premises and the clouds you use.
Because of this, you will enjoy better communication as you will have a dedicated connection between your offices and the Clouds. This will allow you to reduce network costs, improve performance, guarantee data integrity, and run a network that’s more stable than a shared Internet connection.

Enlace dedica a las nubes
Conectividad con diferentes instancias o centro de datos

Optimize your associates’ work
Reach local services in Dallas and other Equinix centers in the United States

If you need to connect to the Clouds to improve the performance of the services and apps you use, having a private path is the best way to get connected. By doing this, you will obtain better performance and a better user experience.
Because we have a partnership with Equinix in Dallas, we can connect you to their location or even to other Equinix data centers.

Connect to the biggest
Azure, Salesforce, Oracle and many others

Do you need to connect to services using Microsoft Azure? Do you want to improve the way your business uses Salesforce services? Are you looking to connect to Oracle’s Cloud? Don’t worry, we’ll get you there.
MCM Express Connect offers you a solution based on a hybrid scheme that will connect devices in your offices or branches with your cloud environment. This is achieved using a private and dedicated point-to-point connection that will help you get the most out of the cloud-based services you already use, and to optimize the way your Internet’s bandwidth is used.
Remember that we are also certified AWS and GCP partners. MCM Cloud Connect 

Conexión a diferentes servicios en la nube

Start your journey towards the biggest clouds

Get in touch with us and let us know which Clouds you want to reach and how we can help you.