We connect you to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The cloud isn’t science fiction. It consists of online applications and services that you and your associates use on a daily basis. These offer great benefits to your business, but the way in which you reach the cloud is very important if you want to get the most out of it. That is why we created MCM Cloud Connect. 

Boost the productivity of the AWS services you already use

Servicios AWS más productivos

Take care of your money.

Rreliable network

Save time.

Dedicated link.

Don't depend on the internet.

Private connection

AWS Consulting Partner certificado

MCM collaborates with AWS

Performance, latency, bandwidth, and service availability are important for your business. We deliver all these functions every step of the way from your business to AWS’ environment

With MCM Cloud Connect for AWS you will be able to transmit your data using a private connection between AWS and your company’s data center.

Few Mexican companies can say that they are AWS certified partners. But we can, and we were the first to get certified. Don’t believe us? Check the list of AWS-certified partners here. aquí.

With MCM CloudConnect
This is how the Blue Company lives

  • It has redundant link. 2 routes for the price of 1, main and backup.
  • Reliable connection. It invested in cost-quality.
  • Managed connection, chose what data use the link, the result, more speed.
  • Enjoy less latency and congestion thanks to a private and dedicated link.
  • Securely send sensitive information to AWS.

Without MCM CloudConnect
This is how the Red Company lives

  • Public Internet does not guarantee a single route, it can be fickle!
  • Ordinary connection = broadband internet and shared resources.
  • Users and cloud services use the same bandwidth, it means less speed.
  • It has a public link.
  • Network out of your control, more intermittence and more doors to threats.

Use it any way you want

If you already use AWS services or are considering signing up for them, MCM Cloud Connect will change the way you experience the Cloud.

You will benefit in several scenarios, whether they involve large data volumes, real-time data, and hybrid environments for those who want to try combining their own infrastructure with the one offered by AWS.

You can use the MCM Cloud Connect connection in any of the following use cases:

Archive and Backup

Big Data

Business Apps

Communications and entertainment

Why with us?

As it happens with all our services, MCM Cloud Connect for AWS is delivered over our L2 national fiber optic network. Our ring topology network is present in the key business areas of Mexico’s main cities: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Querétaro. This guarantees point-to-point performance.
Service providers and businesses in Mexico and all over the world trust the quality of our network and our operations.
Suppliers and companies around the world trust the quality of our network and operation.

Watch the video to learn more about AWS Direct Connect.

AWS Direct Connect