Cloud Connect takes you to the clouds

Having services hosted on the biggest clouds greatly benefits your business, but the way you reach these services is very important if you want to take full advantage of them. This is why we created MCM Cloud Connect.

Optimize your investment in the cloud
Get the most of what you’re paying for

If you already have cloud-hosted services or are considering signing up for them, you need a fast and secure way to reach them. A standard Internet connection will not let you take full advantage of what these services offer. What’s more, in some cases it may even seem that businesses are taking a step backwards.

Optimizar servicios en la nube
Conexión a la nube

Work faster
Lower latency in your services

Unlike standard Internet connections, dedicated connections offer a single pathway from your offices to the cloud to reduce latency. This has a direct impact on the speed with which your associates will be able to use the cloud-based services.

Transform your cloud experience
Compare the offerings of shared Internet connections and MCM Cloud Connect

With shared Internet

  • No guaranteed paths. You don’t know where your data is traveling through.
  • Single bandwidth and shared resources.
  • You cannot manage the connection, which is often saturated.
  • You have a shared connection.
  • Limited or no control, more disconnections, and more exposure to risks and threats.

With MCM Cloud Connect

  • You have a redundant connection with two designated paths so that you always know where your data is traveling through.
  • Your connection is always on and it routes traffic towards a specific cloud.
  • You manage your connection to choose which data can travel through it. This will give you greater control, security, and speed.
  • You have a private and dedicated connection with lower latency and without bottlenecks.
  • You send sensitive data securely.

Connect to the biggest clouds
AWS and Google Cloud Platform certified connections

You want to work with the best; we take you to them. We have been certified as partners with the most important cloud service providers.

Enlace privado a Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our private and dedicated connection will allow you to transmit large volumes of data, even in real time. If you work in hybrid environments, this connection will improve the way you work.

Google Cloud Platform

Our GCP connection will help you whether you need storage, data center expansion, hybrid apps, or high-availability strategies.

Enlace privado a Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Start your journey towards the biggest clouds

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