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Your business is exposed to many risks on a daily basis: DDoS attacks are one of them. Business Internet can help you stay protected. Internet B4B includes Clean Pipes to ensure you enjoy peace of mind while you work.

But, what’s a DDoS attack?
An attack that attempts to overload the server and make it crash

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service This is a very common type of cyber attack that seeks to temporarily interrupt service by sending a high volume of requests to a server in order to overwhelm its capacity. If the attack succeeds, the server will crash or will become very slow.

Ataque DDoS
Internet empresarial Clean Pipes

Being prepared to ward off DDoS attacks
Business Internet is here to help

After signing up for an Internet service, you should have a tool that helps you manage requests so you can determine which are genuine and block those that are not. Doing this will help you prevent a DDoS attack.
Although many providers offer this service, they do so at an additional cost. With Internet B4B, you get this protection from the start and without needing to pay more. Clean Pipes comes included in your monthly fee, offering what a business Internet must provide: the security that comes from working with experts.

Clean Pipes gives you peace of mind
A service delivered by experts

Clean Pipes is a service entirely delivered by MCM Telecom. It mitigates attacks that target your business and keeps you safe without requiring any extra work on your side.
Moreover, you can request special monitoring reports from MCM Telecom to find out if you have ever been a target of an attack.
Other Internet services could put you at risk of suffering a DDoS attack at any time. With Internet B4B you can work without worrying. Internet B4B puedes trabajar sin preocupaciones.

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