Symphony UC ONE

Collaboration means different things to different businesses, but a unified collaboration suite can help you rise to every challenge. Whether your team spends the day at their desks, work remotely, need to run video conferences, or handle a high volume of calls, Symphony UC-One helps you collaborate the way you need to collaborate because it’s a platform that brings your communication channels together.

Connect and collaborate with your team wherever you are
The perfect tool for remote work

Symphony UC-One keeps you connected to everything and everyone. Get in touch with your colleagues inside and outside the office with calls, messages, or meetings. Stop worrying about commuting. You no longer need to wait until the whole team is in the same location. With Symphony UC-ONE, you will achieve more in less time.

Herramienta para trabajo remoto
Impulsa la colaboración y productividad

The right tool for your team
Boost collaboration and productivity

Your team spends an increasing amount of time away from their desks, traveling to other branch offices or visiting clients. Ensuring all team members are connected to each other is essential to achieve the productivity boost you are looking for.
Symphony UC-ONE helps you complete your business communication cycle in a simple and fast way. It even allows you to link other cycles and processes that you would otherwise need to handle separately. How can it achieve this? Easy! It goes with you wherever you are.

Features for a different collaboration style

Symphony UC-ONE has what your business needs to change the way you collaborate. With Symphony UC-One you will be able to do the following:


HD video with audio codecs over broadband
Business calls using your VoIP
Availability status between colleagues
Single number on multiple devices
Corporate directory


Virtual meeting room
HD video conferencing
Screen sharing
Group chat
Guest access


HD audio and video
Access to corporate directory
Access to business apps
1-to-1 and group chats
Review chat history Share files

Shared content

Find everything in a single place
Quick actions

It can be adapted to all your users
Work remotely or at the office, with either iOS or Android devices

Because Symphony UC-One is a complete suite of Unified Communications, it allows you to collaborate wherever you need it. Enjoy collaboration features from your computer with UC-One Desktop or from your mobile devices with UC-One Mobile.
With UC-One Mobile* you’ll have the following at your fingertips wherever you go:

  • Messaging
  • Stay connected to users within your company
  • Attendance
  • Review user availability
  • Telephone directory
  • Look up your business and your device directories within a single app.
  • Features
  • Configure certain features, such as call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, and Symphony Everywhere
  • Call information
  • Review information about calls made, received, and missed
  • Visual voicemail
  • Review the amount of calls in your voicemail, see who the caller is, listen to them, and delete them

*Available for devices with an Android operating system running version 5.0 and above, and iOS devices running version 11 and above.

Trabaja remoto desde cualquier dispositivo

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