Symphony Teams

Today, collaboration is more important than ever. Hence, it’s necessary that your team has the right tools to communicate between themselves and with others.

Simplifying corporate communications
Boost collaboration and productivity

Symphony Teams is a cloud-based unified communications solution. It allows you to support team collaboration in the most simple of ways: using the same tool. It offers a pleasant and consistent communication experience through different devices, such as desktops, tablets, or smartphones.
It’s ideal for organizations that have adopted remote work on a regular basis, as these organizations are staffed by a mobile workforce that needs to stay connected wherever they go.

Symphony Teams Comunicación Corporativa
Symphony Teams Todo en Uno

Symphony Teams: all-in-one
Contact anyone you want, whenever you want

Symphony Teams is a suite that fulfils the promise of keeping all communication channels unified. It has been designed for businesses and corporations so they can collaborate in a secure environment, irrespective of which device they use or of their workplace location.
What’s more, Symphony Teams does not require a complex integration and can connect to the telephone network natively. Absolutely everything you need to collaborate within a single solution.

Four scenarios, one solution
Improve collaboration between your teams

Symphony Teams helps you improve four communication scenarios in your business:


Make calls from your business phone line, review your associates’ availability, access the company directory, andmake video calls, among many other possibilities.


Stay connected via individual or group text messages, share files, review records, perform searches within conversations, and review messages even when you are offline.

Remote meetings

You will be able to set up HD video conferences, share your screen, hold group discussions, and invite external users to your meetings. What’s more, each user has access to a private and secure room for remote meetings.

Team collaboration

Keep your teams organized with dedicated spaces for projects or topics. You won’t lose sight of important information, thanks to notifications. You’ll be able to perform universal searches on places, people, messages and files.

Take it with you wherever you go
Use multiple devices, get the same experience

Symphony Teams is available for desktops, tablets, and smartphones running on iOS and Android operating systems, which allows you to enjoy the same experience across different devices. With Symphony Teams you can use your personal device while at the same time using your business line for work-related matters. This way, you protect your privacy and simultaneously stay connected to your work team and clients.

Symphony Teams para desktop, tabletas y smartphones

Experience the power of cloud-based collaboration

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