If you already have AWS services, now you can optimize them!

Take care of your money.
Trustworthy network.

Earn time.
Dedicated network connection.

Do not depend on the Internet.
Private connectivity.

MCM in collaboration with AWS

The performance, the latency, the bandwidth and the uptime are important for your business. MCM Telecom addresses all of that along the complete path, from your facility to your AWS instance.

MCM CloudConnect allows the sending of data trhough a private and dedicated connectivity between AWS and your enterprise data center.

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With MCM CloudConnect
Blue enterprise lifestyle

Without MCM CloudConnect
Red enterprise lifestyle

Has a dedicated network connection. 2 roads paying only 1, main and backup.

Has only one road. It means, more downtime probabilities.

Trustworthy connection. It invested in cost-benefit.

Ordinary conecction = Broadband Internet and shared resources.

Managed connection. It choosed which data can use the network and the effect was more speed.

Users and AWS services use the same bandwidth = It choosed to be slower.

Enjoy low latency and low congestion.

It has a public network connection.

Securely send inside data to AWS.

Network out of its control, more intermittences and more doors to threats.

Use it as you want it

No matter if you already have AWS services or if you’re looking for. MCM CloudConnect will change your cloud experience.

It gives to your business a lot of benefits in various scenarios. For big bunch of data, data supply in real time and hybrid enviroment for those who want to combine their own infrastructure with the AWS one.

Boost your connection! in any case of use:

Archival and Backup

Big Data

Business Applications

Media and Entertainment

Why with us?

MCM Telecom is a facilities based, all fiber optics carrier. We have a national L2 network and metropolitan fiber networks in the 4 most important cities in Mexico: Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Querétaro.

We guarantee end-to-end performance. Carriers and enterprises from around the world trust our high quality network and operation.

Watch the video to learn more about AWS Direct Connect.