It's not about bad luck. It's about planning and prevention.

Better than Cloud.

Other similar backup solutions limit your connectivity, security or maintenance, and are really difficult to set up.

MCM Data Protect is the easiest way to keep your backups accesible and up-to-date, because it’s a complete solution that includes a dedicated link, infrastructure, license, maintenance, security and support 24/7.

It allows you backup what you need: full servers, data bases, multimedia files, Big Data, specific hard drives and even personal or work mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Data Protect it's a local service

MCM Data Protect connected directly to your office, it doesn’t require an Internet connection. You can configure it as a local network and enjoy it’s benefits, because it’s powered by MCM Telecom’s fiber-optic network, one of the most advanced telecom networks in Mexico, serving exclusively corporate customers.


All backups are transferred through a secured connection. Furthermore, all your data is secured on our Data Centers: controlled access, video surveillance, temperature and humidity control.

A backup of your backup

A single cloud solution is never enough: it can be slow and unreliable. MCM Data Protect keeps your backups in two geographically diverse sites, to keep your data secure and available all the time.


You can manage your backups through a easy-to-use graphical interface, keeping your team aware of your backup status with reports and alerts.