Our Network

At MCM Telecom we aim to help you boost productivity and reduce costs with reliable and user-friendly services. That’s why we created our business fiber optic network.

While others make it hard, we make it simple
A sophisticated, high-performance, and exclusive network for businesses

Combining residential and business services complicates the operation and maintenance of networks. A small failure can translate into weeks of losses for your business, which is exactly what you get with non-business networks.
However, you can forget about those problems with our simple and powerful fiber optic network. Thanks to its ring topology, you will always have an active path and a backup path. What’s more, you get an automatic transfer switch to get you through any eventuality.
Our network allows you to work differently.

Red sofisticada, de alto desempeño para empresas
Red diseñada para empresas

Created to be the best
Designed for businesses right from the start

From the beginning, we focused on creating a network compliant with the highest global standards. This has allowed us to deliver business telecommunications services in Mexico like no other provider can do. We are constantly designing and expanding the network’s capacity in an optimized and organized way.

Services designed to be redundant
At no extra cost

MCM Telecom’s metropolitan networks rely on multiple redundant rings featuring Gigabit Ethernet technology, which translates into speedy transmission, security, redundancy, reliability, and hassle-free growth. Other providers charge you more to guarantee these features, but we see them as fundamental aspects that a good provider should offer.

Servicios redudantes desde su diseño
Instalaciones de fibra óptica rápidas

Fast installation
Don’t wait for your services

Installations carried out by other providers may end up being a really complex.
We take fiber optic to your office and simplify the process so you can enjoy the best telecommunications services as soon as possible. That’s us: we make complex things easy.

We’re ready to assist you

We want to hear about your telecommunications challenges. We’re confident we can deliver a solution that suits your needs.