Emergency number 9-1-1

With the objective of collaborating and complying with the provisions outlined by Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute, we hereby make available to our users the official information regarding the new “9-1-1” emergency service:

What is 9-1-1?

This is a new telephone helpline that handles calls related to medical emergencies, security, and public safety matters; other nationwide emergency numbers will be gradually phased out.

9-1-1 operators will be trained in first aid and will offer step-by-step support over the phone in the event of an emergency.

Important notice:

From July 2, 2017 onwards, all emergencies will be exclusively handled via the 9-1-1 service. Therefore, special emergency numbers 060, 061, 065, 068, 066 and 080 will no longer be available.

For further information, please visit the website www.gob.mx/911