You can switch to MCM and keep your existing numbers

What is portability?

Number portability refers to the possibility of keeping an existing telephone number irrespective of which provider offers the service.

Bring your numbers with you

Everyone has the right to have a telephone line. Previously, it was not possible to keep your numbers if you wanted to switch to a more modern telephone company like MCM.

This restriction complicated the process of changing providers given that your clients, suppliers and the general public had already used your numbers for years, and they were in your stationery and marketing materials.

This is no longer the case.

You will now be able to use MCM’s services and enjoy the best telephony while keeping your telephone numbers.

Experience the freedom!


All in a single bill.

Inbound and outbound traffic handled by a single operator.

Makes it easy for users to choose the service provider they wish to use.

There is no limit to the numbers that can be ported.

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