Legal Notice

In accordance with the existing legal framework applicable to telecommunications, consumer protection, and personal data privacy, MCM hereby notifies the following:

  1. MCM’s Code of business practices. Wherein the services provided by MCM are clearly and concisely described, as is the methodology used to determine the relevant tariffs. The Code outlines the guidelines that govern any dispute or complaint that may arise in relation to the services.
  2. Privacy Notice. Wherein the scope and general terms applicable to the processing of Personal Data made known to us are defined, with the objective of enabling informed decision making on the use of your Personal Data and of guaranteeing the control and use of the aforementioned data by exercising your ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Erasure, and Challenge).
  3. Contrato Marco.
  4. Tarifas registradas ante la autoridad competente.
  5. Payment MethodsConsumers may pay for billed services provided under the contract entered into with MCM via the following options: i) wire transfer of funds to the bank accounts specified in writing by MCM; ii) funds deposit to the bank accounts specified by MCM in writing; and iii) check payment made at MCM’s offices, which shall be accepted subject to collection;
  6. Hours of operation. Consumers may report all types of service failures, make comments and / or suggestions concerning the aforementioned services, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year by using the following telephone numbers and email addresses: Telephone numbers: (55) 5350 0200 (81) 5350 0200 (33) 5350 0200
    (81) 5350 0200
    (33) 5350 0200
  7. Characteristics and / or content of telecommunications plans or service packages. The characteristics and / or content of the telecommunications plans or service packages offered by MCM are outlined in section c) above, under Tariffs Approved. The equipment furnished by MCM to the consumer for the purposes of service delivery is provided unlocked in accordance with section 4.2.2 of Mexican Official Regulation NOM-184, notwithstanding the legal form under which they are delivered to the consumer.
  8. Contract for the provision of Internet access services (IFT / Federal Telecommunications Institute)
  9. Public Registry of Licensed Telecommunications Providers.
  10. Cooperation with the Judicial System.

Pursuant to the Agreement through which the Plenary Federal Institute of Telecommunications issues Regulations on Cooperation in Matters of Security and Justice and modifies the Basic Technical Numbering Plan, published in the Official Federal Gazette on December, 2, 2015 (herein known as “Agreement of Cooperation with Justice”), notice is hereby given to the Appointing Authorities and when necessary to the Designated Authorities that MCM Telecom’s Customer Service shall be responsible for handling any information requirements issued by the aforementioned authorities. This department shall be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be reached as follows:

Telephone: 5553500200

Notwithstanding the above, any information requirements received from the Appointing Authorities while the new contact details are made available shall be handled using the channels previously designated by MCM Telecom.

Headquarters: +52 55-5350-0000, Customer Service: +52 55-5350-0200, Sales Mexico City.: +52 55-5350-0100, Sales Monterrey: +52 81-5350-0110, Sales Querétaro: +52 442-980-1100